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File:J. W. Myers.jpg|thumb|Publicity image of Myers c.1899 File:J.W.Myers - Darling Nellie Gray (1904).ogg|thumb|Nelly Gray (song)|"My Darling Nelly Gray" sung by J. W. Myers in 1904 '''John W. Myers''' (c.1864 – c.1919?), who was usually credited as '''J. W. Myers''', was a Welsh-born baritone singer, who recorded widely in the United States between the early 1890s and the early 1910s. His recordings, including "Two Little Girls in Blue" (1893), "The Sidewalks of New York" (1895), "Just Tell Them That You Saw Me" (1895), "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" (1901), "On a Sunday Afternoon" (1902), "Way Down In Old Indiana" (1902), and "In the Good Old Summer Time" (1902), were among the most popular of the period.
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